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Episode 071: Happy Holidays

Happy holidays to all you bitches from us at Adventure Show!

– Adventure Show Crew

Episode 071

Episode 070: Catfishing the Juice

We decided to catfish some people on plentyoffish and OKcupid. Why? Because we are bad people.

– Adventure Show Crew

Episode 070

Episode 069: Crazy Person or Jaden Smith

Vinny is back in the flesh, and it is as awkward as we all remembered.

– Adventure Show Crew

Episode 069

Episode 066: How Hispanic is Angel

Turns out Eric is more black than Angel is hispanic. So sad.

– Adventure Show Crew

Episode 066

Episode 065: How Black is Eric

We played How Black is Eric. And other stuff happened.

– Adventure Show Crew

Episode 065

Episode 064: Randomness

All hands were on deck, but we didn’t have much to talk about, except apparently about penises. Like always..Oh, and Sex in the City.

– Adventure Show Crew

Episode 064

Episode 063: TriBoob is a Liar

We had our hearts broken when we found out TriBoob lied. Vinny came to fill in. Wendi was presumably shot while in downtown Orlando and Adam is still recovering from gender reassignment surgery..

– Adventure Show Crew

Episode 063

Episode 061: Ghostbusters Recast

Wendi talks about how DragonCon went for her. We re-casted the all female cast for the new Ghostbusters movie and there was a whole lot of racism…coming from Atlanta and not from us for a change.

– Adventure Show Crew

Episode 061

Episode 060: Thank You Robin Williams

We bid our farewell and thanks to the great Robin Williams. Wendi re-capped her three week long trip to Pennsic. DMX and his fresh new hit single and Angel the Dick Connoisseur chats about Disney Princes dick pics.

– Adventure Show Crew

Episode 060

Episode 058: Aisha Alfa

Today we had a chat with the lovely Aisha Alfa. Some laughs and awkward moments were had.

– Adventure Show Crew

Episode 058