Episode 061: Ghostbusters Recast

Wendi talks about how DragonCon went for her. We re-casted the all female cast for the new Ghostbusters movie and there was a whole lot of racism…coming from Atlanta and not from us for a change.

– Adventure Show Crew

Episode 061

Episode 060: Thank You Robin Williams

We bid our farewell and thanks to the great Robin Williams. Wendi re-capped her three week long trip to Pennsic. DMX and his fresh new hit single and Angel the Dick Connoisseur chats about Disney Princes dick pics.

– Adventure Show Crew

Episode 060

Episode 059: Adam Returns

Adam comes back to fill in for Wendy while she lives it up without us. We talked about chick-Thor, black-Captain Merica, Doc Rivers and his ability to quit on teams without looking like a tool and Batman turns 75 today..

– Adventure Show Crew

Episode 059

Episode 058: Aisha Alfa

Today we had a chat with the lovely Aisha Alfa. Some laughs and awkward moments were had.

– Adventure Show Crew

Episode 058

Episode 057: Wendy Going to Pennsic

Some stuff happened. Nothing really exciting though. But, you should still listen in.

– Adventure Show Crew

Episode 057

Episode 056: Porn Bots

We tried to make an honest woman out of a porn bot in a skype chat room. Eric talks about his close run in with death, and we talk about the most conservative and liberal towns in each state and how none of us will ever been seen in any of the conservative towns.

– Adventure Show Crew

Episode 056

Episode 055: Josh Thanos

Direct TV has super creepy yet arousing marionettes. Also we discussed Josh Brolin playing Thanos, Disney villains and their prequels, the StarGate reboot and our experience at the Huey Lewis and the News concert.

– Adventure Show Crew

Episode 055

Episode 054: Battfleck and his BatVeins

I have no idea what we talked about this week… Listen and try to find out.

– Adventure Show Crew

Episode 054

Episode 053: Fatty Godzilla

We unsuccessfully casted the new Power Rangers and Lethal Weapon reboots. Gay rape ghosts and we bid farewell to Community.

– Adventure Show Crew

Episode 053

Episode 052: No Means NO, Jameis

Jameis Wiston and never ending quest to be the biggest douche in the universe continues. We also complained about Almost Human being canceled and more penises. Surprise…

– Adventure Show Crew

Episode 052