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Episode:075 We Are Alive!

Hurricane Irma left us with no power so it makes it hard to publish our last episode (that and our time was taken up pledging our allegiance to our new Mad Max style gangs after the storm…We have to eat you know….). Here is what happened before the storm before the storm and how we were prepping. We went over the list of upcoming movie remakes and if we thought any of them will succeed (spoiler we don’t) and Adam’s body may have been taken over by and alien host (We got our eyes on you Kleebor)


-Adventure Show Crew


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Episode 074: We Cant Come To The Phone Right Now

Another week another show…..Eric gets pulled over by the police, we investigate if Louis C.K. is a party masturbater, try to figure out why DC is destroying their own movie universe and we say once again how if you don’t understand technology don’t put nudes of yourself on your phone



-Adventure Show Crew

Episode 073: Getting Touchy

We are back for the 2nd week and joined by the bearded hipster himself Adam! We gently touched on the issues coming out of  Charlottesville, learned not to ever touch Taylor Swift and why we believe you shouldn’t let her touch you, debated on if Netflix is losing it’s touch, got in touch with our childhood with how much the toys from our youth are worth and finally how Disney is out touch with its fans about the updates to EPCOT.


-Adventure Show Crew


Episode 072: Guess Who Is Back!

We are back bitches!!! After 2 and half year “break” the Adventure Show Podcast crew is back at it. We cover a little abut where we are now, let Angel rant a  about Doctor Who (freaking robot Robin Hood….) ,  the Usher herpes  scandal and can dogs get autism? The answer may surprise you.

Adventure Show Crew


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Episode 072: Guess Who Is Back